Why use a lot         ...when one will do!

Rather than using a suite of different Apps

[When your project information is stored in separate systems - multiple spreadsheets, documents and design software, finding, amending and archiving is never simple and certainly never rapid.]

...why not use one that does it all.

[AP is the result of experiencing these very frustrations first hand - developed with the sole desire to streamline tedious paperwork. Where traditionally a full Lighting document package takes 2 weeks, AP achieves it in less than two days.] 

7 years in the making


Reduce document creation from days and weeks to hours and minutes. 

Lighting Designers:

With just a few clicks, all of the following can be produced, tailored to a format to suit your individual brand identity:


Front End:

  • Presentations - fixture or circuit

  • Schedules - fixture or circuit

  • Quick spec - build and email takes 30 secs

  • Quotes by fixture or circuit

  • Templated fee documents with fields to add phase fees

  • Quote requests

  • Load schedules - show driver type qty

  • Create BOM kits

  • Supplier tender docs

  • Snagging list for Contractors

  • Duplicate entire project with one click, then swap out fixtures for quick VE

  • O&M/as built manuals - merged for print & bind.

Back office

  • Orders

  • Picking slips

  • Delivery notes, complete or part

  • Room & Luminare 'sticky' labels with thumb nail images for site delivery

  • For deliveries AP integrates with

  • Inventory - commit stock

  • Auto replenish

  • Invoices/credit notes

  • Integrates with Xero accounting software

one solution for all your

lighting needs.


The Problem

Repeatedly entering the same data into different Apps is not only time and energy sapping, it is also a process prone to error. 



Your project information is stored in separate

systems - finding, amending and archiving is never simple.


You look at developing your own solution, but it's prohibitively expensive and demands too

much of your time.

'Off the shelf' software doesn't do what you need, is not really relevant and does not link 

with current systems.


Our Solution


Comfort in the knowledge that data is always accurate and stunningly presented. AP automates everything throughout the BPM chain.


Data stored centrally, available instantly with teams working simultaneously on the same project or individually on any project.


Modify AP to suit your business model with tailored templates to match your

own brand identity.


Connect dynamically with other systems - External SQL, ODBC/JDBC, XML, import, .csv

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