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Lighting Documents ... fast!

Create a multitude of documents in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods.

what our users say....

'AutoPractice is an essential tool for those engaged in lighting design and we highly recommend it,'
Nicholas Engert, Fourth Dimension Lighting. Sept 2021

'I can’t even begin to estimate the time and hassle that’s been saved in my lighting consultancy since I started using AutoPractice in Autumn 2017,'   
Sam Coles Lighting, Aug 2021

'Adding product, financials and detail has been made simple and intuitive, due to the fact that AutoPractice has been created by Lighting designers/ engineers with firsthand experience of the industry on all levels.' 
Grant Prewer, Prewer & Orsborn

'Without doubt AutoPractice has transformed and elevated our proposals to such a professional level that I would previously have thought unachievable and I'm convinced we've won work because of AP.'

Neil Landmann, Light-U Limited

Every document your practice needs is generated automatically by AutoPractice. You just need to add circuit numbers and define where luminares belong in your project and AP takes care of the rest ...and fast.

AutoPractice Introduction

AutoPractice Introduction

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Research tells us that 90% of Lighting Designers are still using spread sheets for project schedules. Project variations are inevitable and the monotony of amending spreadsheet after spreadsheet is all too familiar.  The result is time wasted,
but AP changes all that.
Designers Detail

How? In two words - 'Centralising Data'


  • For Individuals: AutoPractice is installed on a single machine. You can work on your Projects anywhere off-line with the comfort of knowing that your data is uniquely yours and safe and you do not have to worry about ropey internet connections.

  • For teams: 'AutoPractice Server' is installed in your local network - not the cloud, we're not big fans however data is still accessible away from the office.

  • You access products in three ways. You can either find 'Partner' manufacturers' products, search other AP Users products or input them manually.

  • Once your products are in place, and you have defined where they belong, you simply click 'add to build'.

  • From this point on, no data entry is required. You simply click the document you need.

  • AP logs who has worked on which project and for how long. The entire team can work on their own jobs or on the same project simultaneously.

  • All of your documents can be zipped to your desktop by clicking one button.

  • Documents such as tender packages can be sent to recipients and AP automatically archives. AP even opens your email application and fills in the subject line and body - you just 'click send'.

  • All data is updated instantly.

  • Your data is backed up daily on the Server and can also be backed up to the cloud.

  • The solution is incredibly secure and uses 256-bit encryption for storing and transferring files.

  • We can integrate with just about anything: REST API's, JSON functions, cURL options, ODBC/JDBC, External SQL Sources and SQL integration.

  • And it is scalable up to 500 Users. We can also provide 'mirror sync' that allows you to work completely off-line and then sync with your team once back in the office. Perfect for places where internet access is poor.

  • For your peace of mind access to source code is kept in a vault within AP. This gives you the security you need

by lighting designers, for lighting designers

Finally minimal errors, accurate and consistent data and stunning documents.

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