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Auto practice was actually born through sheer frustration. We struggled to assemble all the pieces of information needed for Architectural Lighting & KNX home automation projects due to using a raft of different apps and the limitations each have. On top of that, since they are all stand alone, there was no synergy across the team.

We needed a solution! That led us on this journey, now in our 9th Year and happy to say, we haven't looked back. We embarked on developing software from scratch, specifically for Architectural Lighting Design, both Lighting Design and Lighting Design/Procure and for Manufacturers to showcase their catalogues.

The result is an accomplished, tried and tested solution, recently reaching a milestone of releasing our 260th enhancement - as of 4/10/2021.  AP automates the entire process for interacting with Clients, Architects, Site Personal and Suppliers and creates exquisite lighting reports for all departments. It has completely revolutionised how we work.



What our users are saying

'I can’t even begin to estimate the time and hassle that’s been saved in my lighting consultancy since I started using AP in Autumn 2017.  Previously to AP all our quotations were done in Excel spreadsheets and presentations were in Word and PowerPoint.  This process of producing the necessary paperwork for clients was extremely laborious, incredibly tedious and wide open to mistakes.  As a Lighting Consultant who is also highly involved in specifying lighting controls our previous method of producing a lighting control schedule was butchering and amending the quotation spreadsheet which was another few hours of tedium for every project.


I had tried to train more than one staff member to produce our quotations on Excel and it never went well.  I had almost given up hope until AP came along.  It’s so easy to pick up that my quotes are now almost completely contracted out to a VA with no lighting design experience who’s at the other end of the country.  Only a bit of checking and finessing is now done in house.


The Interior Designers who I regularly work with love the visual nature of so many of the reports.  I am constantly having the standard of my deliverables praised by electrical contractors, main contractors, and AV specialists.


These days I don’t know what I would do without it.  It’s changed the face of my business and allowed me to work on more projects simultaneously.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any Lighting Consultancy looking for an easier life and to spend more time doing what they do best – lighting design and client care.'


Samantha Coles,

Sam Coles Lighting

by lighting designers, for lighting designers


'We had been struggling to find a solution for pricing projects specifically for the lighting industry and then discovered Autopractice.  Autopractice brings all of the necessary data elements together in a single application which enables us to build a technical manual of lighting equipment along with client quotations and the ability to create professional purchase orders.  


Autopractice links to Xero for accounting purposes which enables project management to be controlled in a seamless manner. The application is scaleable such that it is ideal for small or large projects and enables us to build a database of products that we use on a regular basis and which encapsulates all of the important technical data for each product.


Autopractice is an essential tool for those engaged in lighting design and we highly recommend it.'

Nicholas Engert,

Fourth Dimension Lighting Design

Auto Practice is the practical hub and database to our design proposal enabling us to easily put together a proposal, sale, order, financials and delivery process that is linked with essential documentation and data recording.

Adding product, financials and detail has been made simple and intuitive, due to the fact that it has been created by Lighting designers/ engineers with firsthand experience of the industry on all levels.  Once added product can easily be applied or subtracted to a project allowing for the many changes that take place in the design quote to order process.


Autopractice is easy to use for small quotations to large complex designs.  It presents a quotation with your own unique SKU codes and images in an ordered fashion making it easy for clients to understand the proposal.

Craig and his team have always been enthusiastic and easy to communicate with along with having a very good technical knowledge of the industry. 

I am not sure how we managed to maintain a level of professionalism before AP came along!


Grant Orsborn

Prewer & Orsborn

It wasn't a tough decision for us to implement AutoPractice into the business. I could immediately see the benefit of using AP and how it could save us so much time in the preparation and processing of projects and associated documentation.


Without doubt AP has transformed and elevated our proposals to such a professional level that I would previously have thought unachievable and I'm convinced we've won work because of AP. 

Neil Landmann

Light-U Limited

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