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Instantly reach Lighting Designers

Use AutoPractice to ensure your products are specified into Lighting Projects

Have your luminares easily accessible by Lighting Designers Internationally in a multitude of currencies & local tax rates.

what Lighting Designers are saying...

'our biggest bugbear - way too much data entry'

Our market research suggests that Lighting Designers are less likely to use new products because of tedious data entry.

Introduction for Manufacturers

Introduction for Manufacturers

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Make a Lighting Designer's life a whole lot easier and have your products available in AP.

It's mutually beneficial and enables you direct access to International markets.

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Here's is how it works:

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  • AutoPractice Server is installed in your local network - not the cloud, we're not big fans

  • Your Product database is linked to AP - that might sound daunting, but it's really not that difficult.

  • As well as Lighting Designers having access to your catalogue, you also use AP in a similar manner, except when you create BOM kits you might use raw materials instead.

  • Instantly update stock levels with Lighting Designers.

  • Instantly share list prices and notify Users when prices increase.

  • Receive orders directly through AP.

  • Cost prices and sensitive data are not shared.

  • Plus all of the advantages Designer's have such as sending quotes and spec sheets in seconds.

Integrate your products with AP and
help us to help Lighting Designers.

Finally there's a way for them to access your catalogue, quickly and easily.

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